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Life insurers getting social

Talking about death is a buzzkill for most people. So talking about what happens when a loved one dies and leaves family behind is tough. But it’s a life insurer’s job to tackle exactly that hard subject and some of them have found a new, innovative way to do it— through social media.

 A survey from LIMBRA found that 93 per cent of life insurance companies in the United States were on social media in 2013, and Australian and New Zealand insurers are following, meaning insurance just got a lot more fun!

Life insurers in particular are realising the positive impact social media can have on their relationship with customers and exploring new ways of selling products they’ve been selling in traditional ways for hundreds of years. 

MetLife starting the trend

When it comes to relating to people on an emotional level, MetLife hit the nail on the head with their campaign ‘Who I live for’. At the heart of the campaign is a video of people from all walks of life describing who they live for, whether it’s their kids, brother, sister, partner or their dog. 

The cross-platform campaign encourages followers to join the conversation and post about the important people in their lives using the hashtag #whoilivefor. The original Facebook post generated 610 likes, 263 shares and 54 comments, proving the campaign a success and setting the benchmark for other life insurance companies. 

Australian life insurers most socially active

A majority of Australian life insurers are still lacking a social media presence and missing out on engaging with their consumers, but there are several that are paving the way with clever strategies to make life insurance less depressing and more supportive. Here are some great examples:

TAL is focusing on celebrating the Australian way of life, connecting with its consumers through image and video posts with fun messages relating to fairy bread and lawn bowls. The company’s ‘An Australian Life’ video captured its audience’s attention, so far racking up 392,489 views on YouTube.

Zurich is taking the lead with an impressive 442,326 likes on Facebook. Usually Zurich’s content focuses on severe weather, car insurance and company charity events but its video ‘Do you ever wonder what’s happening in kids’ minds?’ is killing it on YouTube with 429,561 views. Using cute kids to describe why their parents are important to them certainly tugs at the heartstrings.

Asteron Life has come up with an emotive social media campaign called PerspectLive. The photo and video series explores the positive impact that adversity can have in shaping a person’s outlook. Asteron Life’s 4,276 likes on Facebook is proving they’re having an impact.

Insuranceline is trying to connect in a different way with their post ‘Surprising Facts about Australian Life Insurance’. They’re also proving that cats still rule the internet with their ‘All you need is love … and a cat’ post. OK, that post may be about pet insurance but they can always try life next time.

Social media is here to stay

The way insurers connect with customers and advertise has rapidly changed in the last ten years. We now have access to connect with people all over the world instantly with a click of a button. Once considered just a social networking tool, social media is now the most powerful marketing tool for businesses. Far from being old-fashioned, some insurers are really taking a step into the future in the way they interact with customers. A great time to be in the industry!