No experience?

No problem

For most young career hopefuls, searching job listings with the term ‘no experience required’ is a demoralising and fruitless venture. With many entry-level roles at corporate level requiring some experience, getting that first job when your only experience is studying can seem impossible.

But trust us, with hard work, persistence and a bit of creativity, you can get yourself into that much desired first job. 



This may seem counterintuitive to everything you see and hear but guess what — most people don’t actually expect you to have tonnes of experience. Job listings are designed in a way to weed out people who aren’t motivated enough to apply in the first place. To demonstrate your motivation, take some short courses related to the work you want to do. This highlights your drive, curiosity and willingness to learn. Employers understand you’ll need further training so will always favour those who are willing to work hard and grow as people.

Volunteer your time

Be it running the local U/15s sports team or helping with a charity, volunteering enriches you both personally and professionally. The skills and knowledge you acquire as a volunteer will be transferrable to the corporate world, making you a much more attractive proposition to employers. Volunteering also expands your networking capabilities. The more people you meet and work with, the more potential career opportunities become available, giving you a better chance of landing that plum role. 

Make the most of your opportunities

You might think working at fast food chain or manning the checkout at a service station won’t get you very far, but every job requires skills – skills that are transferable and invaluable to your career. Most jobs require communication, customer service and problem solving skills and all employers understand the demands of working in customer orientated roles (with many starting out in similar roles themselves). Soak up as much on-the-job training as possible and don’t be afraid to highlight your experience working in these types of roles — employers will want to see it.

Become an entrepreneur

When we say be an entrepreneur, we don’t mean you need to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. No, what we actually mean is demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit. Employers love people who exhibit drive, an innovative mindset and problem solving abilities. Do some research into your local neighbourhood and find a problem that requires a solution or an answer to a market demand, and use it to start your own business. It could be a dog walking service or tutoring for high school kids or mowing lawns and painting fences for the elderly, it doesn’t really matter as long as it shows you’re proactive and are willing to put the work in.

Having experience is always valuable but when you’re starting out, your potential is best demonstrated by your attitude, enthusiasm, work ethic, communications skills, curiosity and willingness to learn.

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