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Cigna is a global health service leader dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security. We have sales capability in 30 countries and
jurisdictions, and more than 89 million customer relationships throughout the world.

Our more than 37,000 employees serve customers just about everywhere. Every day, our team works together with our customers in ways they find proactive, personal and empathetic. That spirit of true partnership goes deeper than paying claims, and is often life-changing — helping customers stay well, prevent sickness, obtain access to health care, recover from illness or injury, return to work and provide for their families.

Worldwide, we offer our customers and their families peace of mind and a sense of security. We’re with them all the way, through the most critical points in their lives.


  • Korea (Individual)
  • China (Individual + Global Health Benefits)
  • Taiwan (Individual)
  • Hong Kong (Individual + Global Health Benefits)
  • Singapore (Global Health Benefits)
  • Australia (Global Health Benefits)
  • New Zealand (Individual)
  • Thailand (Individual)
  • Indonesia (Individual)
  • Turkey (Individual)
  • Middle East (Global Health Benefits)
  • India (Individual + Global Health Benefits)
  • Spain (Domestic Healthcare + Global Health Benefits)
  • IGO/NGO (Group)
  • Global IPMI (Individual)
  • UK Domestic Healthcare + Global Health Benefits
  • UK CIS (Individual)

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